The Republic of Turkey has a secret organization called Akinci Warriors who works especially in secret military operations. Our hero Hakan takes over his father Selim Kahraman’s place as The Toyga of Akinci Warriors. He will lead military operations to take his father’s revenge and he will fight against the enemies of the state. Having trained in military and various branches of science for many years Hakan will be fighting a relentless struggle against terrorists along with three other heroes that joined to his side. With the intelligence coming from Republic of Turkey, The Military and Akinci Warriors our heroes will join in operations against various terror organizations at Southeast Anatolia, North Syria and Istanbul.


Operation Maps



This place is in a province of Sirnak. Many cultures including Babylonian, Arabic, Assyrian, Medes and Persians have lived in this place.



It is a neighboring city of Syria which is a province of Mardin. Nusaybin was built in the basin of Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. This place has been at the hands of Islamic armies since the year of 637. This place changed hands many times.



This place is a province of Aleppo which is in Syria. Jarabulus is an Arabic city but there is a crowded Turkic population too.



This place is a province of Aleppo which is in Syria.



Sultanahmet Square is one of the most important squares of Istanbul.

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Our main protagonist Hakan. After learning his fathers mission, getting ready to take his revenge he finds himself in a gamechanging situation. After meeting Mr. Barbaros and Akıncı warriors, a lot will change in his life. He will learn what “patriotism” really means and he will understand the importance of fighting for his own country but not for his personal devils. While on this journey, we will witness him to becoma an “Akinci Warrior” and a true hero.


With a very serious nature, Hawk is always focused on the operation at hand. He is a true professional. As the designated marksman of the team, he knows that most of the time, he has to operate apart from his comrades. Has a great eyesight and always wears orange colored shooting glasses. At 5 ft6 inches and 130 lb, he looks like he’s morbidly skinny. But has a great condition and possibly he is the best runner in the team. His current rank is Major but on operations he doesn’t use any of his military insignias. He’s 37 years old.


Owl is a really humorous and a funny man.  A foul mouthed joker if you will… He’s 35 years old and he’s an expert on modern day technology. Hasn’t got any recorded military service. He’s chosen as a member of the team because he’s the best at what he does and he proved his patriotism on numerous operations in the past. He’s an expert on light arms, explosives and edged weapons.


Vulture has a really cold and difficult personality. Always has a sarcastic attitude. At 6.0 ft and 180lb., he’s a well build man. He’s a linguist. Nobody knows the exact number of languages that he can speak. Last known number is 16. His speciality is middle-eastern languages and dialects. He’s also a master of disguise and a top class infiltrator. Everybody in the team knows that he has some kind of training but nobody knows when or where he got it. He always prefer hiding his face on operations. He’s an expert on heavy machine guns, assault rifles and pistols.


Development Process

Soldiers of the Universe began its development phase in February 2017. It is targeted to hit the stores on September 2017. The game story is written according to Turkey and Middle East conjuncture so the tools to finish it as soon as possible were used in the process. It is being developed using “Unreal Engine 4” game engine. But it also uses various NVidia game production applications.

Production Crew

Rocwise Entertainment is founded by Armoya Advanced Technologies to produce international quality digital games and animations. Rocwise consists of a crew of 7 people from different areas such as programming, 3D, 2D, animation and marketing. Armoya team is also supporting Rocwise team in various business areas. Because Turkey is lacking qualified personnel in this business, Rocwise gets help from outsource working partners when needed.